Volkswagen Repair Services
in Phoenix, AZ

For almost a hundred years now, German automaker Volkswagen has captured the interest of drivers and automobile enthusiasts worldwide with its top-of-the-line vehicles. 

At Import Car Specialists, we know your Volkswagen is a prized investment that you want to keep reliable and durable for a long time. Our team of ASE-certified technicians in Phoenix is just waiting for your call.

Why Choose Us for Your Volkswagen
Repair Needs

Our auto repair shop in Maricopa County specializes in fixing and maintaining foreign vehicles. That’s how we can perform specialized services for German automobiles like your Volkswagen with faster turnaround times and more affordable costs than other shops in Phoenix.

Moreover, we have highly experienced and ASE-certified mechanics who undergo continuous training. Rest assured that we know the tiniest nuances that set your Volkswagen apart from other vehicles. Moreover, we will handle it with the highest level of care and expertise – like it is

Volkswagen Repair Services and Accurate Diagnostics in Phoenix, AZ

The check engine light is dreaded among car owners because it may mean dozens of possible automotive issues. If the error code and check engine light on your Volkswagen illuminates, call our shop in Phoenix right away.

We use the same caliber of OBD2 and computer diagnostic tools as your Volkswagen dealer in Phoenix. With skilled technicians, we will accurately determine the issue and perform only the correct auto repairs.

Brake and Suspension Repair
for Volkswagen Vehicles

Do not ignore squealing brakes and vibrations while driving on Phoenix highways since these may indicate brake and suspension problems. Moreover, these are critical components for your safety on the road.

Our auto mechanics can restore the responsiveness of your brakes by replacing the pads and repairing the drums and rotors. As for your suspension system, we will make sure that all axles, joints, and struts are in top shape.

Phoenix Volkswagen Repair and Engine Tune-ups

From the Passat to the Tiguan, all Volkswagen vehicles have efficient combustion engines that deliver excellent torque and power. That is why you should pay attention to seemingly minor performance dips since they are symptoms of potentially worse problems. Bring your Volkswagen to our shop in Phoenix to get factory-recommended engine maintenance. We will replace your oil and lubricate your system to improve gas mileage and reduce the risks of overheating.

Volkswagen Repair and
Bumper-to-Bumper Maintenance

From your ignition system to car HVAC, our team has trained experts for the job. We also perform a thorough inspection of pumps, belts, hoses, and bearings.

If you have damaged or non-serviceable parts like a fuel pump, we will remove them and install only high-quality OEM replacements. Our Volkswagen service and components are covered by our limited warranty program for your peace of mind.

Volkswagen Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Whether your car needs repairs or it is time for routine maintenance, just give Import Car Specialists a call. Our technicians will get your Volkswagen back on Phoenix highways safely, efficiently, and at budget-friendly prices.

For service appointments, just dial (602) 932-6532 or book a schedule online. You can also visit our shop at 1640 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ 85016.