Radiator and Cooling System Repair in
Phoenix, AZ

Many drivers in Phoenix often forget to get a radiator service on time, but the radiator and cooling system are vital components of your vehicle. Moreover, a faulty radiator and overheating are among the leading causes of auto engine breakdowns in Arizona.

On the first sign of radiator or cooling system trouble, just call Import Car Specialists. Our honest and seasoned auto repair technicians will help keep your radiator in top shape and help you save thousands of dollars on possible expensive repairs in the future.

Radiator and Cooling System Experts
in Phoenix

Why choose Import Car Specialists for your radiator and cooling system needs? Our auto repair center in Maricopa County is home to highly qualified technicians who share a passion for car care and maintenance. They are also factory-trained and accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Our independent repair shop in Phoenix can service most vehicle types and builds, but we specialize in handling Asian and European models. With solid industry experience, we can expertly service discontinued, mainstream, modern, and luxury vehicles and their respective radiator and cooling systems.

Benefits of Getting a Radiator Service at Import Car Specialists

Your radiator keeps your auto engine temperatures from spiking and releases heat using a liquid coolant. During cold months, the antifreeze prevents the liquids in the radiator from freezing. As such, your radiator is a built-in “climate control” in your car that keeps it running soundly under extreme conditions and all kinds of weather.

Most radiator problems begin as barely noticeable issues. Most drivers in Phoenix cannot tell at once, but there will be eventual gas mileage dips, poor emissions, and other performance drops. If you get a radiator repair appointment with us, we can help eliminate the following symptoms:

  • You get a high-temperature coolant reading on the gauge while in slow traffic.
  • There is white vapor coming from under the hood.
  • There are puddles of fluid under your vehicle.
  • You notice sweet-smelling fumes from the engine.

Radiator Repair and Flushing Service
in Phoenix, AZ

Your radiator fluid will gradually lose its effectiveness to dissipate heat due to contamination. Several months of use will result in debris and corrosion that can dramatically hinder your cooling system from doing its job. An average vehicle requires a radiator flush and fluid replacement every 100,000 miles or approximately five years. However, you need to visit our shop in Phoenix sooner if you have an older car and regularly drive in extreme conditions.

That is why it is insufficient to just drain your antifreeze and coolant. After removing your current radiator fluids, our auto technicians will flush the remaining debris and impurities by injecting gallons of water and cleaning fluids. After complete flushing, we will replace your antifreeze with a fresh dose from our inventory of high-quality automotive fluids. 

Radiator Repair and Cooling System Service in Phoenix, AZ

For all your auto service and radiator repair needs, trust only honest and highly experienced mechanics in Arizona. Our team will help maintain the durability and resale value of your car for many years to come.

Just schedule a radiator service online or call our team at (602) 265-6412. You may also visit our shop at 1640 E Indian School Road, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ 85016.