Engine Flushing Services
in Phoenix, AZ

Does your vehicle suffer from reduced gas mileage, poor emissions, and rough handling? If yes, you probably need a flushing service from our auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Import Car Specialists offer an expansive menu of car repair and maintenance services, including automotive flushes and cleaning. Getting a regular appointment with our auto repair techs will surely improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle, all at budget-friendly prices.

Flushing and Auto Repair Experts
in Phoenix, AZ

Getting a flush for your auto engine may seem simple – but it is vital for cleaning your system and improving overall performance. In fact, it can reduce your risks of overheating and protect the health and integrity of the engine. 

That is why you should entrust flushing and maintaining your prized car or truck to seasoned and qualified mechanics in Phoenix. Our auto technicians have decades of combined industry experience and certifications under the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Whether you require bumper-to-bumper repairs or engine flushing, rest assured that we will handle it with utmost efficiency and care.

Scheduled Automotive Flushing Service
in Phoenix, AZ

Most dealers in Arizona would recommend that you get a flush service every 3,000 to 8,000 miles. In fact, more recent cars and trucks have auto engines that are more resistant to sludge buildup. These may not require a flush for at least 35,000 miles.

However, our auto mechanics in Phoenix strongly recommend a more proactive approach to flushes and car maintenance. Make an appointment with us at the first sign of automotive issues like poor fuel economy, weird noises, and smoke coming from your exhaust. We will correctly diagnose the root cause and perform flushing or whatever repairs are necessary.

Benefits of Getting a Flush at Import Car Specialists in Phoenix

Our flushing service can noticeably improve the vehicle’s performance and your driving experience. Among the observable benefits are the following:

  • It prepares your auto engine for getting a fresh refill of oil.
  • A flush removes contaminants from the inner surfaces of your engine.
  • It also removes sludge that increases the risk of overheating and potentially expensive breakdowns in the future.
  • Car flushing eliminates some gunk that the filter would otherwise miss.
  • This service improves emissions and potentially lengthens the interval between oil changes.

Coolant and other Automotive Fluid Flush
in Phoenix, AZ

Besides engine flushes, our auto repair center in Phoenix also offers equivalent procedures on your radiator, air conditioning system, brakes, transmission, and power steering. Before replacing their respective fluids, we ensure that their tanks, pipes, and hoses are free of contaminants. 

For instance, we thoroughly flush your radiator with gallons of water and cleaning formula before injecting fresh coolant. This will improve its effectiveness in dissipating the heat from your automotive engine. Our auto mechanics can do the same for your brakes to enhance responsiveness and eliminate squeaking or grinding.

Automotive Flushes in Phoenix, AZ

Entrust your car’s engine flushing needs only to honest and experienced techs in Phoenix, AZ. You can count on Import Car Specialists to keep the performance and resale value of your prized car for a long time.

For flushing or general maintenance, just dial (602) 265-6412. You can also schedule a service online or drive by our shop at 1640 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ 85016.