Carburetor Repair and Replacement
Service in Phoenix, AZ

Are you experiencing poor gas mileage and performance issues with your car? Or do you notice rattling and hissing noises on your exhaust system? If yes, these are the signs that your vehicle might need some exhaust and muffler repair. But don’t worry – we have exactly the services that you need at our auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Import Car Specialists provides top-notch repairs and maintenance services to keep your vehicle in its optimal condition. We are well-versed in using the latest technology coupled with our experienced auto mechanics in Arizona. Moreover, our facility in Phoenix provides a wide variety of options to ensure that you and your prized vehicle are in good hands

Why Choose Us for your Carburetor Repair
Service in Phoenix?

At Import Car Specialists, we understand the worries of drivers who cannot find adequate auto repair services in town. This is particularly true for owners of vintage and older imported cars with unique builds and components. For instance, Honda and Toyota models from the 1970s have a carburetor for their auto engines. Some recent Subaru models are also equipped with carburetors instead of fuel injection systems.

Besides the ability to use factory-grade tools, our auto mechanics in Phoenix have decades of solid industry experience. We can efficiently repair or service your carburetor and engine with fast turnaround times and without breaking your wallets. That’s why we get countless 5-star reviews from drivers in Phoenix and the rest of the Southwest.

Benefits of Getting a Carburetor Service at
Import Car Specialists

Modern cars typically have fuel injectors controlled by electronic systems or computers. Most pre-1980s vehicles are a bit more analog and equipped with a carburetor to inject the air-fuel mixture into the combustion engine.

While we can expertly fix modern fuel injectors, our team can confidently repair the carburetor and fuel systems of older cars and models discontinued from the market. After an appointment with our techs in Phoenix, your carburetor will be more efficient in supplying fuel to your auto engine. You will have better gas mileage, cleaner emissions, and reduced risks of overheating.

Carburetor Repair and Maintenance
in Phoenix

Numerous carburetor problems can be traced back to corrosion and debris buildup. Some drivers in Phoenix prefer to deal with these at home, but we recommend that you schedule a carburetor service with us if you have no prior DIY experience.

We will thoroughly clean your main fuel jet and valves using our carburetor cleaner formula and compressed air. Besides our scheduled maintenance services, we also replace worn spark plugs, air filters, and other carburetor parts.

If the carburetor has damaged parts, we can repair, rebuild, or replace them with high-quality components. These include the main jet, choke valve, floater, floater chamber, and throttle valve.

There is no fixed rule for the carburetor maintenance schedule. We recommend that you visit our shop in Phoenix for an inspection every six months – though the interval may be shorter depending on the vehicle’s age.

Carburetor Repair and Service in Phoenix, Arizona

Maintain the dependability and resale value of your vehicle with our veteran auto repair mechanics in Phoenix. We will expertly help you repair or rebuild your carburetor and implement the best and most cost-effective automotive services.

Just schedule a service online or dial (602) 265-6412 for inquiries. You may also drive by our auto repair shop at 1640 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85016.