Axle Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Axle repairs are among the most common services a vehicle needs. The telltale signs of axle problems include clicking noises and vibrations, grease leaks underneath your car, malfunctioning brakes, or worse, the inability to accelerate properly.


To prevent these from worsening, call Import Car Specialists in Phoenix right away. We perform all required procedures to repair your axle, driveshaft, or differential and restore their optimal condition. With skilled auto mechanics and the newest tools, we can fix your prized vehicle at reasonable prices. That’s why we get glowing reviews from customers in Phoenix and around Arizona.

ASE-Certified Mechanics and
Axle Repair Experts in Phoenix, AZ

Our Arizona team guarantees the highest quality of service and your peace of mind. We are composed of ASE-certified mechanics and experienced axle repair technicians. As a NAPA-certified facility, our work is backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.

Moreover, you can stay mobile in Phoenix while your axle is under repair with our complimentary shuttle service. Alternatively, we have a loaner vehicle program on an as-available basis. Our repair shop also offers night drop-off for your convenience.


Preventive Maintenance for Axles in Phoenix

Driving your truck frequently under extreme conditions, carrying heavy loads on your rack, or towing a trailer can put an immense amount of stress on your axle. This can lead to damages to your vehicle’s front and rear axles.

Symptoms like clicking and knocking noises, as well as rumbling sounds from underneath, may occur when you accelerate or turn. Pay attention to these early signs as these can lead to axle bearing and shaft replacement.

Our techs in Phoenix will thoroughly inspect your front and rear axles and keep you in the loop regarding their condition. We’ll carry out the necessary repairs to prevent further damage to your axle and to avoid costly breakdowns in the future.

Additionally, our work will ensure that your axle, driveshaft, differential, and CV joint are in top condition. This will improve overall handling, gas mileage, and the longevity of your sedan, truck, or SUV.

Axle Repair and Replacement Service in Phoenix, AZ

Our veteran mechanics perform repair and parts replacements for your vehicle. These automotive services include repairs for slightly bent axles, axle bearing and seal replacement, axle shaft repair and replacement, and many more.

If some of your truck parts are worn beyond repair, we will replace them only with factory-grade and high-quality OEM components for your peace of mind.

Arizona Axle Repair for
Imported Vehicles

Our auto mechanics in Phoenix can service and repair imported vehicles. Among these are famous imported brands like Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Porsche, Mitsubishi, BMW, MINI, and many more.


Furthermore, our repair center in Phoenix offers axle repairs for pre-2000 models. These may vary slightly in terms of axle design and structural assembly when compared to their newer counterparts.

Axle Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

Reach out to us at the first sign of axle, differential, or CV joint problems on your vehicle. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics in Phoenix will help you keep the performance and resale value of your car for many years to come.


Just visit our website and make an appointment today, or call us at (602) 265-6412. You can find our newly-remodeled auto repair center at 1640 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016.