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Import Car Specialists near me Phoenix AZ

In Phoenix, Arizona, summer temperatures can be high. Heat-related vehicle problems need an import car specialist near me you can rely on.  Suppose you are near Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, or nearby Phoenix, AZ. In that case, you’ll only need Import Car Specialists for your European and Japanese Import Cars’ Automotive repairs and maintenance. Whether you own a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Chrysler, or a Toyota, Import Car Specialist in Phoenix, Arizona is all you need.

Top 3 Common Car Problems in Phoenix, AZ during Summer

Blowing out a Tire

Along with high temperatures, your tires’ air pressure fluctuates and triggers internal pressure, which can be susceptible to blow out while you’re driving the hot roadways in Phoenix. Preventive maintenance keeps your car tires properly inflated and ready to hit the road. At Import Car Specialists, we understand your vehicle is your trusted friend in bringing you from point A to point B safely. We provide wheel alignment, tire change or replacement, and all kinds of repair and precision to prevent your vehicle from scalding.

Damaged Hoses and Belts

Your car’s camshaft driving belt and coolant hoses, when broken, can cause problems to your radiator, engine, and heating block. Automotive technicians or mechanics will check for wear and tear, cracks, and stripping to determine likely damage. Import Car Specialist is a full-auto repair mechanic shop with advanced diagnostics technologies and equipment and a team of ASE-Certified mechanics to look after your imports.

Battery Problems

Heat, vibration, fast or overcharging, and a bad alternator can cause your vehicle’s battery to fail. Likewise, a new battery can withstand the fluctuating hot temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona. To further know the primary cause of battery failures, you can get your vehicles tested at a mechanic shop. For example, at Import Car Specialists, we’ll let you know how healthy and your car mileage.

Car Air Conditioning Repair with Import Car Specialists near me Phoenix AZ 

A damaged compressor or evaporator, clogged expansion tube, broken cooling fans, or refrigerant leak are some of the primary causes why your vehicle’s air conditioning system malfunctions. In addition, several electrical and engine problems affect your car’s AC system. Taking the time for vehicle inspection and tune-up at an auto repair service shop can save you a lot of grief, time, and money and will keep you cool all summer long.

Why Choose Import Car Specialist as your premier Foreign Vehicles Auto Repair Specialist in Phoenix, AZ?

Import Car Specialists is your one-stop full-service auto repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We perform all kinds of repairs and maintenance services for cars, trucks, and SUVs. We commit to providing high-quality mechanic service to keep your foreign vehicles in top shape. Google us and see our reviews which speak for our dedication to the local of Phoenix and nearby places.

Import Car Specialists – Top Notch Import Auto Repair Service in Phoenix, Arizona, near me

As a certified NAPA auto service facility, we only provide quality auto repair and long-lasting parts for your peace of mind. You also get the best value for money with our 36 months/36,000-mile warranty for qualifying repairs, which is one of the best in Phoenix and the country. We have been specializing in the import car repair business for six decades already. Call us today at 602-932-6532 or book your appointment online