Drivetrain Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Do you experience rough handling, creaking noises, and poor fuel economy on your trusty vehicle? If yes, these are all signs of a faulty drivetrain. Call us right away at Import Car Specialists to prevent these from morphing into critical and expensive automotive issues.

Our auto shop in Phoenix can handle your automotive issues, from your transmission to your suspension system. Moreover, our drivetrain services come with a 36,000-mile warranty at very reasonable prices.

ASE-Certified Mechanics in Phoenix
in Phoenix, Arizona

Our auto facility in Phoenix is home to drivetrain mechanics with decades of combined experience in the automotive industry. As ASE-certified technicians, our business is to handle your prized truck with expertise and care. 

Moreover, we can repair most domestic, European, and Asian vehicles using sophisticated and factory-grade repair equipment. That’s why we get tons of 5-star reviews from customers in Arizona and the Southwest this 2021.

Phoenix Drivetrain and Suspension
Repair Service

Your drivetrain is not a single part of your vehicle but a system of components that transfer energy from the auto engine down to your wheels. It even includes your axle and drive shaft. It will be difficult running or controlling your vehicle if one of these parts suffers from wear or a lack of maintenance.

For instance, your transmission system is responsible for switching gears and moving energy from the engine to the wheels. A transmission failure will prevent you from using your vehicle, and it can set you back by thousands of dollars. Our repair center in Phoenix handles manual, automatic, and CVT systems and prevents costly damages with our maintenance services.

Differential and Drivetrain Repair Specialists in Phoenix, AZ

The differential underneath your vehicle may seem unimposing, but it is responsible for giving you a smooth ride. It helps by varying angular velocity and allowing your wheels to move at different speeds so you can turn smoothly. 

Call our auto mechanics in Phoenix at (602) 932 6532 if you notice difficult steering, grinding noises, and extensive tire wear on your automobile. If left unchecked, these symptoms of a faulty differential can damage your axles, increase fuel consumption, and shorten the life of the entire drive train.

Wheel Alignment and Drivetrain Service in
Maricopa County, AZ

Of course, your wheels and tires are significant parts of your drivetrain system. Bring your sedan or heavy duty truck for inspection if you notice uneven tire wear and vibrations while speeding along Phoenix highways. These possibly indicate that you need a drivetrain inspection and alignment service.  Our auto repair mechanics are among the best in Arizona and the entire Southwest. They will use computerized tools to realign your wheels to factory-grade configurations. Besides eliminating vibrations, this can improve your gas mileage by more than 5%.

Phoenix Suspension System
Service and Drivetrain Repair

Another essential drivetrain component is your suspension system. We can repair or replace your worn struts and shock absorbers to give you a more comfortable ride. 

A well-maintained drivetrain will reduce the bumpy sensation when you step on the brakes or hit a bump while speeding along Arizona highways. We install high-quality shocks, struts, and other drivetrain parts to give the best value for your money and keep your vehicle reliable for a long time.

Drivetrain Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

Say goodbye to bumpy rides and get better performance from your car with our drivetrain services in Phoenix. Just make an appointment online or call our auto mechanics at (602) 932-6532. You may also drive by our repair center at 1640 E Indian School Road, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ 85016.