Import Car Specialists

Phoenix, Arizona
is a full-service import auto repair shop located in Central Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in service and repair of European and Japanese Imports.

About Import Car Specialists


Adam Tasse
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My Mercedes was completely dead last Friday morning, so I called Import Car Specialists since they did an awesome job last time I was in. I spoke with Matt and he said bring the car in and they would get to work on it right away. I had my buddy jump the car and we dropped it off with Matt. An hour later my was car was good to go. I really appreciate the quickness and efficiency. These guys do a great job and it wasn't expensive at all. This is the 2nd time I've used Import Car Specialists and I highly recommend them. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.
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Took my VW GTI as my engine was shaking and losing revs from time to time (EPC light on the dashboard). Matt was very professional/helpful and found the culprit to be my water pump leaking causing a malfunction on a sensor. Replaced with a whole new metal cast pump + sensor. Drove the vehicle all weekend with no problems, thx guys!
Keith Murray
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Jimmy is the man!! My van broke down just off the 51 and luckily in the parking lot of Import Car Specialists! It was 112ish outside and he had a tech checking out my ride within minutes. It wound up needing an altenator and he said he could get the part first thing in the morning. Sure enough, he was calling me at 10:30am the next day letting me know I was good to go! Great service and reasonable price is hard to beat!!
Steven Whittlesey
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Excellent Service combined with very competitive pricing !!
Scott frechette
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Great honest place to get your car worked on
James Carter
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My air conditioning in my vehicle was not working properly. I took my car to Import Car Specialists. I asked them to service my air conditioning. After dropping off my car with them and went home, I received a call from their shop and was informed that my cabin air filter needed replaced and the shop manager recommended that I not waste my money on servicing my air conditioner. He told me that changing the cabin filter should fix the problem. I took his advice and my car is blowing hard and cold. Living in Phoenix, this was great news and I really appreciated the professionalism and honesty these guys displayed. They had every opportunity to take advantage of me, but they didn’t and they earned a customer for life. I just had them change the oil on my vehicle and they did a great job and they did so very quickly. Thank you for your hard work!
Julian Persin
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The work that was done to my 1990 volks cabriolet was the best work. Jimmy was very helpful and great to deal with. I would highly recommend them.
Kellye Pinkleton
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Driving down the highway and realizing you have a flat is never fun but fortunately, I turned off the 51 exit when it happened and serendipitously it was Import Specialists. They opened 15 mins after I got there, met with the manager and got two tires replaced same day! Great service!

Peace Of Mind

The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty provides 36 Months / 36,000 Miles of coverage for qualifying services and repairs on vehicles up to and including vehicles with a load carry capacity of 1½ tons (17K LBS GVW).

This warranty is a consumer warranty that covers all parts and labor on covered services and repairs and is valid outside a 25‐mile radius from the original repairing NAPA AutoCare Center.

Should a consumer need warranty service and for some reason cannot return to the original repairing facility, they can call 1‐800‐452‐NAPA (6272) and be directed to a nearby NAPA AutoCare Center.